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Trading activity has grown in CME’s bitcoin futures in recent months, along with the rebound in bitcoin’s price https://t.co/mRDMqTS5DO via @WSJ

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A Chinese fund has returned 54% for investors during its first year by hunting for stocks that can thrive during a trade war https://t.co/5vK3WyPypD

As the Qatari economy expands, the need for more investment in financial services has become apparent. In response the country has adopted new initiatives to aid foreign investors. Stream #TheFutureOf Investing: #SpotlightQatar Monday starting at 9am EST https://t.co/43mvnTICcq https://t.co/Ow0T841Ym2

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A Swedish tech firm is offering microchip implants as a replacement for swipe cards https://t.co/QtYuwiE1FI

  • The Wall Street Journal

British leaders have long been expected to go quietly and make way for those who follow in their wake—but Brexit has upended the convention https://t.co/3QuHQwAz5G