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A one-square-mile stretch in San Francisco is a retail battleground, where startups are challenging https://t.co/XbMWPGOQBb in the drive to eliminate cashiers https://t.co/cXEWBdwATR?

good read and applicable to other industries w heavy product Clorox and Nestlé are spending millions on cat-litter factories to cut the high costs involved in making and shipping the heavy product https://t.co/9fkyArtX06 via @WSJ

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  • The Wall Street Journal

Want to recapture the thrills of playing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Mortal Kombat arcade? Construct an authentic, old-school arcade cabinet at home from an easy kit—they're shockingly easy to build. https://t.co/ngbr6Tiil1

Book Review: The Salesforce CEO and billionaire social warrior offers a powerful guide for making business better. https://t.co/75pB78goth

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Florida cannot enforce a state law imposing significant restrictions on people with felony convictions who want to register to vote, a federal judge ruled https://t.co/AWIoBVzBRp

Several people in Australia have reported seeing Tasmanian tigers, a large, carnivorous marsupial that went extinct about 80 years ago. https://t.co/u3i0iLJ601