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Looks Interesting Google Stadia Service Aims to Stream Games From Cloud https://t.co/tlvSGwLqjC

Big issue Scientists Call for Moratorium to Block Gene-Edited Babies https://t.co/pvEO0sPO78

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JetBlue’s getting sued by female crew members accusing 2 pilots of drugging, rape during layover ‘fantasy’ https://t.co/4oGFq5TyaQ

  • The Wall Street Journal

Obituary: Sidney Sheinberg was known as a tough guy in Hollywood but had the courtly habit of calling other men "sir" https://t.co/3mibhkhoQH

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UC-Irvine, a No. 13 seed, scored the first big upset of the men's NCAA tournament https://t.co/wtXZISCh4k

Prolific hitter Ichiro Suzuki retired as his fellow Seattle Mariners wept, bowed and hugged him in a Tokyo stadium rocking with cheers https://t.co/vTdsg81EKE via @ReutersTV https://t.co/ZkTFElZFSm